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Andy Moor - K Ta

August 13, 2012
Andy Moor's got some heavy fuel for the summer of 2012. Hot off his debut album 'Zero Point One', he brings us some more of his vocal wizardry, with the enchanting sounds of 'K'Ta'. Genre-busting the trance scene for over 15 years, he's earned credits with classics such as 'Halcyon', 'Fake Awake', 'Daydream' and the more recent 'She Moves' and 'Faces'. His album 'Zero Point One' feeds that classic conclusion, strengthening his producer profile with many cross-over gems. One of them, is the lush tune of 'K'Ta'. Chopped vocals, a dreamy, rich melody and tingling, proggy details, make this another Andy Moor essential. A classic to be.


  1. 1. K Ta (Original Mix) (06:58)
  2. 2. K Ta (Album Mix) (04:17)
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