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Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin - Love Again

February 25, 2013
Looking back upon an enthralling 2012, Andy Moor provides new fuel to the musical fires of 2013. 'Love Again' is the next spark of his 'Zero Point One' album, featuring the sugar sweet vocals of Betsie Larkin. 'Love Again' is en route to become a highlight to many a nights out, as well as warming the home listeners. It follows the same, mesmerizing formula as the successful 'Trespass', 'In Your Arms' and 'K TA', wrapping its listeners inside a warm, melodic blanket. The Moor sound provides a perfect stage for the vocal magic of New York based singer Betsie Larkin to shine. And shine, is exactly what this tune does. Andrew Rayel, hailed as one of the biggest promises in trance for 2013, was one of the names honoured with remix duties on this one. Giving 'Love Again' that extra big of energy, he managed to turn it into an absolute peak-timer. Dutchman Daniel Wanrooy gives it an extra push of big-room, providing a melodic but blazing remix. Plenty of love for everyone!


  1. 1. Love Again (Original Mix) (07:36)
  2. 2. Love Again (Andrew Rayel Remix) (06:47)
  3. 3. Love Again (Daniel Wanrooy Remix) (06:38)
  4. 4. Love Again (Radio Edit) (04:16)
  5. 5. Love Again (Andrew Rayel Radio Edit) (03:43)
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