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Andrew Stets - Danapris

March 10, 2014
Set sail on an long and winding river, with infinite possibilities in front of you. That's the feeling that Andrew StetS creates with the aptly titled 'Danapris'. Luscious melodies, gorgeous chords, and an extended array of textures all swim around your brain as the inevitable rush comes. Hold on to the feeling, and don't be afraid of how many times you hit replay before you're done with it. With support from W&W and featurings on BBC1 as well as on ASOT, Andrew StetS has a style all his own. Meticulously crafted and engaging melodies are what he’s best at, and the world is quickly beginning to take notice of this up-and-coming Ukranian producer.


  1. 1. Danapris (Radio Edit) (03:30)
  2. 2. Danapris (Original Mix) (06:27)
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