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Andrew Rayel - Mystery Of Aether - Sampler

September 23, 2013
Making a speed-of-light rise to fame, the flag-bearer of trance music proudly presents his first official compilation. Andrew Rayel, rising from a new generation of talented DJ's and producers, introduces you to 'Mystery of Aether' with the official sampler! You'll instantly recognize his sound, blowing the minds of millions ever since his first tracks ruled the radio waves of A State of Trance. Highly supported by Armin van Buuren, is Andrew's remix of Airbase record 'Modus Operandi'. A highlight to many, and a beacon of hope for the trance purists. Andrew Rayel isn't the only name to keep an eye on though. French producer Alex Wackii leaves a great impression with his 'Marianne', one of the biggest tunes on 'Mystery of Aether'. An real anthem for the peak-time hours.


  1. 1. Modus Operandi (Andrew Rayel Intro Mix) (05:28)
  2. 2. Pantera (Original Mix) (07:25)
  3. 3. Marianne (Original Mix) (06:40)
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