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Andrew Rayel - Moments (Remixes) EP 2

January 12, 2018
After a scorching first remix EP of ‘Moments’, on comes another four-pack of brand-new versions. Seeing Radion6, Whiteout, De Hofnar and Chukiess & Whackboi churn out new takes on respectively ‘Let It Be Forever’, ‘Moments’, ‘Once In A Lifetime Love’ and ‘Tacadum’, Andrew Rayel’s second ‘Moments (Remixes)’ EP is all you could ask for in terms of quality and diversity.

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  1. 1. Let It Be Forever (Radion6 Remix) (02:42)
  2. 2. Moments (Whiteout Remix) (02:54)
  3. 3. Once In A Lifetime Love (De Hofnar Remix) (03:22)
  4. 4. Tacadum (Chukiess & Whackboi Remix) (02:51)
  5. 5. Let It Be Forever (Radion6 Extended Remix) (05:19)
  6. 6. Moments (Whiteout Extended Remix) (03:52)
  7. 7. Once In A Lifetime Love (De Hofnar Extended Remix) (04:22)
  8. 8. Tacadum (Chukiess & Whackboi Extended Remix) (04:28)
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