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Andrew Rayel - Drapchi / Deflagration

July 25, 2011
There's something about the productions of Andrew Rayel. Each and every single one of his releases gets under your skin, emotional and moving. But the Moldovan producer also knows how to carry you away physically, making your body a slave to the rhythm. Yes, this young talent has some stories to tell, and so he does on the A State of Trance label. With 'Drapchi' and 'Deflagration', Andrew makes trance return to its roots. Without losing his sound, Andrew Rayel still manages to make every track sound different. 'Drapchi', a masterpiece of piano, haunting vocals and melodrama, is one of those tracks that makes you lose yourself in the music completely. It's got that powerful kick, heavy melody and deep feel to it, in both the 'Original Epic Mix' and 'Original Piano Edit'. 'Deflagration' blossoms like a night-black flower, adding a touch of mystery to the E.P.. It builds and rises, unfolding from progressive darkness to the the star-bright light of uplifting trance. Emotion is the key to these beauties, and that's just the way A State of Trance loves it. Dutch producer Setrise gave 'Deflagration' a punch in the face, with an even harder kick and extra wave of energy added. Peak-time stuff!


  1. 0. Drapchi (Original Epic Mix) (08:07)
  2. 0. Drapchi (Original Piano Edit) (08:07)
  3. 0. Drapchi (Radio Edit) (03:35)
  4. 0. Deflagration (Original Mix) (08:14)
  5. 0. Deflagration (Setrise Remix) (06:46)
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