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Andrew Rayel & Alexandre Bergheau - We Are Not Afraid Of 138

August 26, 2013
The ever-growing league of uplifting trance lovers screams for more. And more they get. After the long-awaited kick-off of the 'Who's Afraid of 138?! label, Armin welcomes two rising talents to its realm. Andrew Rayel and Alexandre Bergheau share their message: 'We Are Not Afraid Of 138'. They're two of most promising producers in trance music. True to the original sound, while giving it their own distinctive twist, that's what Frenchman Alexandre Bergheau and Moldovia's Andrew Rayel are about. And this time, they join forces, fighting for the uplifting sound. 'We Are Not Afraid of 138' comes close to perfection, taking millions of trance lovers into a musical hypnosis. The first of hopefully many more collaborations of these future heroes.


  1. 1. We Are Not Afraid Of 138 (Original Mix) (07:25)
  2. 2. We Are Not Afraid Of 138 (Radio Edit) (03:28)
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