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Andrew Bennett - Andrew Bennett - Evolution

October 05, 2009
German producer Andrew Beiderwieden is one of the lucky few releasing tracks at Armada under 2 different guises. In the past 1,5 years, he's released 10 Kismet tracks and 3 tracks under his Andrew Bennett moniker. Every single track is an original, yet carries the typical Bennett sound. Bottomless, deep progressive with a dreamy, detailed trancy atmosphere. And let's not forget about the housy touch to all that. Andrew made name with tracks like 'Light of Hope', 'Menar' and the more recent 'Area Codes' and 'Break Away'. This time, he's back with the thoroughly profound 'Evolution'. A track that starts off with a perfect warm up sound and evolves into a mind-dazzling, sparkling progressive gem shortly after.The D.E.R. remix to 'Evolution' contains more bits and pieces of housy bliss, flirting with piano and an upfront bass.


  1. 0. Evolution (Original Mix) (10:05)
  2. 0. Evolution (D.E.R. Remix) (07:31)
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