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Andrew Bennett - Age Of Love

November 30, 2009
Working under 2 different aliases has seen German producer Andreas Beiderwieden release more almost 15 tracks within 2 years. Whether under his Kismet or Andrew Bennett moniker, every track of his is a sure shot at dancefloor mayhem. This time, he takes things to a different level with a remake of one of trance's biggest anthems. The original of this euphoric trance track reigns from the early 90's, when trance was still called 'house music' and the Love Parade in Germany unlocked a new era for dance. 'Age Of Love' was one of the very first dance records that received the 'trance' label, and has been remade several times. But never this way. Andrew's remake gently slides in, feeling you up with a warm, progressive sound. Honouring the original, Andrew's profound beats on this version will awake the dancefloor in an instant, and get those clubbers in a complete rapture. Flashbacks and memories pop up, while you're busy creating new ones with Andrew's strong 'Age of Love'.


  1. 0. The Age Of Love (Main Mix) (06:02)
  2. 0. The Age Of Love (Radio Mix) (03:24)
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