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Andreas Bergmann - El Duderino / Pure Hagelslag

July 06, 2009
Andreas Bergmann; as big as he is, as wide is his style. From progressive to minimal, from techno to house. Formerly he was known as Antiphus, but he changed his name into Andreas Bergmann. In 2007 he made the decision to lock himself up in his studio. In that year he experimented with the newest music styles en techniques. This resulted in new and successful releases like "I Want To Buy A Dog”, "Frisian Meatballs” and "I Will Only Say This Once”, which has been played by the biggest names in the scene. Andreas Bergmann was born 30 years ago, seeing his first light under the name Andreas Bakker. His first acquaintance with the Dance scene was at the age of twelve. The choice to be a DJ himself was inspired by his hero Ben Liebrand. The artist - whose technique can be compared with the militancy and greatness of Goliath - is being designated as one of the greatest DJ's world-wide. He debutes with this ep on DJ Remy's label '68 Recordings' with two big progressive tracks. First of all there is 'Pure Hagelslag' (actually a Dutch specialty to put on your bread, chocolate sprinkles), which is a deep percussive driven, techy track that comes with a huge subbass to make a dancefloor go nuts. On the flip side you'll find 'El Duderino', a deep summerish kind of track that keeps on building and building.


  1. 0. El Duderino (Original Mix) (06:23)
  2. 0. Pure Hagelslag (Original Mix) (08:20)