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Andrea Roma feat. Leusin - Still Loving (Martin Roth Interpretation)

March 09, 2014
In a swirling display of sound, Andrea Roma evokes deeply repressed feelings. “Still Loving” is unspoken emotion. Sparked by a sullen piano melody, Roma encaptures the impossible; the raw vocals of Leusin speak the words of a vulnerable, heavy heart. Martin Roth’s interpretation represents an entirely different soul. A rock-hard façade secretly pleads to be freed of love’s painstaking ties while the night goes on. One song, two interpretations. For which does your heartbeat bleed?


  1. 1. Still Loving (Martin Roth Radio Edit) (02:52)
  2. 2. Still Loving (Radio Edit) (03:38)
  3. 3. Still Loving (Martin Roth Interpretation) (06:58)
  4. 4. Still Loving (Original Mix) (05:29)
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