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Orjan Nilsen - Amsterdam

April 09, 2012
The time is now for Ørjan Nilsen. The Norwegian producer is still stretching the curve, rocking things out at the very top of EDM. Shortly after his massive 'Belter' collab with Armin van Buuren, he presents another highlight. Prepare for the fire of 'Amsterdam' to be awaken! The highlights just keep coming and coming. The relentless energy and drive with which this gifted producer creates a spark upon the dance floor is one you'll rarely find. 'Between The Rays', 'La Guitarra' and actually his entire debut album 'In My Opinion', were straight winners, seducing the global audience of dance lovers. With 'Amsterdam', mister Nilsen brings out the big-room sound, with a techy, but ever-trancy edge!


  1. 1. Amsterdam (Original Mix) (08:20)
  2. 2. Amsterdam (Original Mix Edit) (04:22)
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