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Aly & Fila with Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal - A New Age (FSOE400 Anthem)

July 10, 2015
Containing an impeccable blend of drive, energy and emotion and created by Egyptian Trance masters Aly & Fila, Omar Sherif and Colombian prodigy Jonathan Carvajal; there's no further explanation required to show the brilliance of this tune. Capturing the glorious moments of over 9 years and 400 episodes of the iconic radio show into one single record is more than enough to perfectly embody the Future Sound of Egypt and guide it into 'A New Age'. This is the undisputed anthem for FSOE400!


  1. 1. A New Age (FSOE 400 Anthem) (Radio Edit) (03:52)
  2. 2. A New Age (FSOE 400 Anthem) (Original Mix) (07:20)
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