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Aly & Fila vs Jwaydan - Coming Home

June 10, 2012
The dream team of trance is back, with the long-awaited follow-up to 'We Control The Sunlight'. Egyptian duo Aly & Fila and UK singer/songwriter Jwaydan Moyine Anwar present the enchanting 'Coming Home', surrounding you like a warm blanket on a cold night. It was the biggest trance track of 2011. It saw millions of people raise their hands in the air and chant along. 'We Control The Sunlight', combining the up and coming talents of Jwaydan with the quality of Aly & Fila's ever-enchanting trance, was voted number one track in the A State of Trance Top 20 of 2011 for good reason. For months, trance land has held its breath, awaiting the follow-up. And here it is. Delivering the magic once again, is 'Coming Home'. It's pure, beautiful and bursting with energy. Next to the original, you'll also find a remix by Russian duo Eximinds included in the package. With remixes for names like Moonbeam, Alexander Popov and Paul Oakenfold, these guys are on fire lately. This time, they put their proggy touch on 'Coming Home', to great success.


  1. 1. Coming Home (Original Mix) (08:24)
  2. 2. Coming Home (Eximinds Remix) (06:05)
  3. 3. Coming Home (Radio Mix) (04:58)
  4. 4. Coming Home (Eximinds Radio Mix) (03:38)
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