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Aly & Fila vs John O'Callaghan - Vapourize

December 30, 2012
Three years after the success of their 'Megalithic', trance titans Aly & Fila and John O'Callaghan finally answer the calls of ten-thousands of fans. They've returned to the studio, with the perfectly balanced 'Vapourize' as the result! Sharing a lifelong passion for music and living to the rhythm of their own BPM, Egyptian duo Aly & Fila and Irishman John O'Callaghan have many things in common. In 2009, the world was moved by 'Megalithic' and the global crowds have seen the chemistry flow during their beloved back2back sets at events such as Electric Zoo and Armada Night. Yes, there's definitely something that binds these masterminds. Through the elusive, melodic power of 'Vapourize', they let you know exactly what. A well-balanced joint venture of both sounds, with the thumping bass and energy of a John O'Callaghan original and the dreamy, melodic warmth of Aly & Fila. It doesn't get much better than this!


  1. 1. Vapourize (Original Mix) (07:46)
  2. 2. Vapourize (Radio Edit) (04:41)
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