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Aly & Fila featuring Josie - Listening

May 31, 2010
Their debut album has just seen daylight. They've got gigs all around the globe. And their popularity is rising at the speed of sound. Ladies and gents of the trance community, we've touched down in the world of Aly & Fila. And a big one it is. The Egyptian producers have had a very exciting start of 2010. Not only did their Future Sound of Egypt label join forces with Armada Music, they also made plans to release their first artist album, 'Rising Sun'. Now that it's been released, they guys look back onto a successful and busy few months. Their first single, 'My Mind Is With You' kicked right into the trance scene. Same thing is about to happen to the second one, 'Listening'. You bet, you'll be listening to this one! Featuring the lovely vocals of Josie, known for her work on tracks by Arnej, Heatbeat and Pulser, 'Listening' kicks in with a bass-guitar driven, feel-good trance sound. Uplifting and trancy, exactly the way we like it. Three different remixes give you three new ways to experience the track. Aurosonic's remix is beautifully stuck between melodic prog and trance, while the Brave remix is mainly deep, proggy and a little more tough. Last but not least, the Philippe El Sisi remix hits the true uplifting trance sound: with the tempo up, an epic breakdown and all essential synths to get you going.


  1. 0. Listening (Extended Mix) (06:31)
  2. 0. Listening (Brave Remix) (07:24)
  3. 0. Listening (Aurosonic Remix) (08:33)
  4. 0. Listening (Philippe El Sisi Remix) (08:54)
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