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Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren - Mysteries Unfold

June 30, 2013
Time is nearly ripe for the brand new Aly & Fila album to reveal its musical jewels. The result of 2 years of hard work, 'Quiet Storm' is the long-awaited follow-up to the beloved 'Rising Sun' album. One of its early pre-tastes, is the warming 'Mysteries Unfold', featuring Sue McLaren. The dust of the first single, 'Running Out of Time' feat. Chris Jones, has yet to settle, but Aly & Fila are more than ready for dance land to move to their new labour of love. 'Quiet Storm' brings 16 extraordinary productions of Aly & Fila making, and the tender 'Mysteries Unfold' is one of them. Riding the calming voice of UK singer/songwriter Sue McLaren, the deep bass and warming melody will take you in, like sunrise at dawn. For those who prefer the more uplifting sound of Aly & Fila, they deliver a second remix to come along with 'Mysteries Unfold'. Peak-time madness, guaranteed.


  1. 1. Mysteries Unfold (Extended Mix) (05:45)
  2. 2. Mysteries Unfold (Uplifting Mix) (08:05)
  3. 3. Mysteries Unfold (Radio Edit) (03:52)
  4. 4. Mysteries Unfold (Uplifting Radio Edit) (03:58)
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