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Alexander Popov - Moscow Subway

July 01, 2013
When your tune gets premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix of the world's number one DJ, you know you've done a great job at producing. Alexander Popov sees his new tune 'Moscow Subway' turn into a worldwide hype, for good reason. No longer a rising talent, but a name well known, is Alexander Popov. The Russian producer made a swift rise to fame through the sounds of his 'Elegia', 'When The Sun' and the more recent 'Lost Language'. All geared for the summer of 2013 to kick off, he brings us 'Moscow Subway'. A light, warm-hearted prog-trancer with deep, dreamy vocal chops. Another Popov tune that raises high expectations for his upcoming artist album.


  1. 1. Moscow Subway (Original Mix) (05:16)
  2. 2. Moscow Subway (Radio Edit) (03:30)
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