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Alexander Popov - Metropolis

February 01, 2010
After seeing his 'Everest' circulate around the highest circles of the club circuit, the Russian producer that balances progressive house and trance is ready to reach even further. Sending your straight into the bottomless cuts of spicy-flavoured prog-trance, 'Metropolis' sees Alexander Popov release another pearl of a track on the AVA Blue label. The feather light melody moves around a tough, distorted saw, making 'Metropolis' fit for both memorable peak time and unforgettable warm-up moments.


  1. 0. Metropolis (Original Mix) (07:21)
  2. 0. Metropolis (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix) (07:56)
  3. 0. Metropolis (Soarsweep Remix) (07:34)
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