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Alexander Popov - Eternal Flame / Siberia

July 14, 2014
Ever the master of extremes, Alexander Popov understands the balance of energy better than most. Just as he pushes a squelching bassline to the limit of intensity, he pulls back to reveal a humble breakdown. Eternal Flame and Siberia are the essence of the Popov sound - he blends concepts, genres, and melodic ideas so smoothly that you don't even realize the craftsmanship behind the journey. As you find yourself drifting away, you have to remind yourself of who's running the show.


  1. 1. Eternal Flame (Radio Edit) (03:36)
  2. 2. Siberia (Radio Edit) (03:13)
  3. 3. Eternal Flame (Original Mix) (06:18)
  4. 4. Siberia (Original Mix) (05:01)
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