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Alexander Popov & Christian Burns - One More Time

December 16, 2016
If there’s anyone deserving of an encore, it’s got to be Alexander Popov. The in-studio diligence of the Russian hotshot can only be admired and every time he drops a new tune, we’re eagerly awaiting the madness he brings to the table. Now, he shows his versatility with ‘One More Time’, made in collaboration with Christian Burns. Between its uplifting original and his own beautifully progressive remix, this cut is the best of both worlds and deserves to be heard. ‘One More Time’, you ask? Let’s just make it at least twenty more, alright Mr Popov? We haven’t seen enough of you yet.


  1. 1. One More Time (03:22)
  2. 2. One More Time (Alexander Popov Remix) (02:26)
  3. 3. One More Time (Extended Mix) (06:00)
  4. 4. One More Time (Alexander Popov Extended Remix) (04:35)
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