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Alex Preda, Steve Kennedy - Nocturnal 005

February 13, 2020
Pushing out into the night with two smoldering records, the fifth installment of the Nocturnal series promotes the sound of Eelke Kleijn’s DAYS like NIGHTS label in its most captivating form. From the cascading melodies and velvet vocal cuts in Alex Preda’s ‘Staying Here’ to the dwelling grooves and deep-digging arpeggios in Steve Kennedy’s ‘Bermuda’, ‘Nocturnal 005’ offers up a soundscape that thrives in dimmed light and smoky clubs.

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  1. 1. Staying Here (03:54)
  2. 2. Bermuda (04:08)
  3. 3. Staying Here (Extended Mix) (07:14)
  4. 4. Bermuda (Extended Mix) (06:11)
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