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Albert Vorne - Ravens Over My Rave

November 19, 2007
Satanically dark, piece of throbbing (and slightly unnerving!) tech-trance from Albert Vorne¦ The Album Edit has a Marco V-ish edge to the vocal's chorus. One which rides along nicely on top of the near tremor-provoking sub-bass¦ M.I.K.E. Rushin' Remix gives the b-line a lighter, more analogue-ish feel and boosts the tempo. Bit linear though for my tastes though¦ Better is Ozgur Can's rework which strips away the percussion and adds cool, cinematic synthesizer sequences. DJ Support:Gareth Emery: Support the Ozgur Can remix in my podcast!Sander van Doorn: Very good production! Rating: 9Andy Moor: ozgur remix remix gets my supportMatt Darey: Great combination of the harder stuff of MIKE and the progressive grooves of Ozgur CanBlank & Jones: big support of us on the M.I.K.E. mix in our radio shows and gigsBart Claessen: Like the Ozgur Can remix!Leama & Moor: great production as always by ozgur can , really cool groove and will feature in my sets.Eelke Kleijn: Clever remix by Ozgur! Excellent sound quality as well, will definitelly support this!The Viceroy (Resident Turnmills UK): stunning track, almost underworldish in its enchanting and hypnotic qualities - albert really is one of the very bestSmith & Pledger: Ozgur Can mix for me. Good jackin groove


  1. 0. Ravens Over My Rave (Original Album Mix) (04:13)
  2. 0. Ravens Over My Rave (M.I.K.E."™s Rushin"™ Remix) (06:42)
  3. 0. Ravens Over My Rave (Ozgur Can"™s Dub Edit) (05:09)
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