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Alan Morris & Marco Cera - Tears Of The Sun

February 03, 2017
A sterling example of how beautiful music can be, ‘Tears Of The Sun’ is without doubt one of the most emotional offerings on the A State Of Trance label to date. Crafted up by Alan Morris and Marco Cera, this cut is sure to fully entrance its listeners, either through its original version or the uplifting mix. As soul-soothing as it is melancholic, this tune knows no equal.


  1. 1. Tears Of The Sun (03:58)
  2. 2. Tears Of The Sun (Uplifting Mix) (03:48)
  3. 3. Tears Of The Sun (Extended Mix) (07:17)
  4. 4. Tears Of The Sun (Extended Uplifting Mix) (06:33)
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