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Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Muriwai

December 03, 2012
Fusing their sounds since 2010, UK producers Akira Kayosa and Hugh Tolland found balance in another production of excellence. 'Muriwai' is the uplifting affair that'll be done justice on the dance floor. Two years ago, UK's Russell Ogden, better known as Akira Kayosa, hooked up with Glasgow-based producer Hugh Tolland. Sharing a passion for the melodic works and relentless energy of trance, their collabs were - one by one - highlights for the nightly hours and daylight dreamers. 'Muriwai' is no different. It's got that strong build-up, breathtaking break and lively character, making it a perfect fit for the Subculture label. Canada's Max Graham, ever a fan of the deep, proggy side of trance, unveils a powerful, intriguing remix of 'Muriwai'. Dark at first, but bursting with light, uplifting prog-trance later, this is a perfect tune to get the crowd going for a long night ahead.


  1. 1. Muriwai (Original Mix) (08:09)
  2. 2. Muriwai (Max Graham Remix) (06:46)
  3. 3. Muriwai (Radio Edit) (03:40)
  4. 4. Muriwai (Max Graham Radio Edit) (03:010)
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