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Airbase - Uppercut

December 03, 2012
Nearly a decade after his last Scarab release, Swedish producer Jezper Soderlund returns to the A State of Trance label. Setting forth the quality sound that his Airbase productions are known for, he kicks in with another prime example of his status as one of trance's most gifted producers: 'Uppercut'. Looking back upon a series of outstanding classics, such as 'Escape', 'One Tear Away' and 2002 record 'Emotion', Jezper Soderlund has all reason to be proud. But he's no person to rest on his laurels for too long, witnessing the over 20 records and 50 remixes he's done in the past decade. One year after the release of his critically acclaimed 'We Might Fall' album, Airbase makes his grand return on the ASOT label, with the proggy sounds of 'Uppercut'. He's never lost his feel for melody, that's for sure. 'Uppercut' is deep and powerful, luring us in with warm, melodic swirls and a solid bass. A real crowd-pleaser, making you lose yourself inside the music completely.


  1. 1. Uppercut (Original Mix) (06:46)
  2. 2. Uppercut (Radio Edit) (03:22)
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