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Air Hustlers featuring Dauby - Flowers From Heaven

February 25, 2008
Progressive vocal trance at its best. The original mix should be an excellent warm up track. The Dirty mix has a more groovy and dirty bassline, giving it a more energetic feel. For those not keen on vocals, there are dub mixes of both mixes.DJ Support:Supported by (amonst Others): Lemon8, Solarstone: nice! vocal is silly, but music is cool. will drop on the show.Eelke Kleijn: Lovely release! All tracks are really nice. Can't really decide which one to play :-)Cliff Coenraad: Cool release!!Matt Darey: Really digging the Dirty Vocal mix!Goldenscan: What a record. As usual Air Hustlers rock. Awesome production, groove and vocal. My favourite track of the year so far. 10/10


  1. 0. Flowers From Heaven (Dirty Instrumental Mix) (09:01)
  2. 0. Flowers From Heaven (Dirty Vocal Mix) (09:01)
  3. 0. Flowers From Heaven (Original Vocal Mix) (09:01)
  4. 0. Flowers From Heaven (Original Instrumental Mix) (09:01)
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