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Aerospace - Shocking

June 20, 2011
In the last 5 years Aerospace has produced a mountain of incredible music. With 5 stunning albums to his name and a long list of big singles and remixes for the hottest labels and artists in Psy there is no wonder why he is so in demand. Owner of Digital Nature records Aerospace tours relentlessly and is a firm favourite at the world's most vibrant Psy festivals including the Full Moon, Psychedelic Circus and Indian Spirit festivals in Germany,E-nigma,Playground and Universo Paralello events in Brazil, the Aurora festival in Greece, Time & Space festival in Mexico, the Spirit Base festival in Austria, 3rd Empire events in Israel and countless club and outdoor parties all over the world. 'Shocking' showcases a more techy and less melodic sound from Aerospace with thunderous drums and incredibly tight production leading the charge into battle. Keeping the theme tech who better to remix this than Marc Simz who's version compliments the package perfectly. Long pitch rises lift the track again and again to a series of peaks that will no doubt destroy clubs and festivals internationally. This is dancefloor music with balls of steel.


  1. 0. Shocking (Original Mix) (08:00)
  2. 0. Shocking (Marc Simz Remix) (07:31)
Keplar quality