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Aerofoil - Phase 2 Face / Then, Still & Always Will

June 02, 2014
Aerofoil confirms time and again that he's integrated all the important ingredients to form the wide-spectrum that is professional trance. This release is certified to work in any large hall setting, and it covers every possible angle. This release is a double dose of exactly what party-goers crave and will undoubtedly fill the ear drums of thousands as they rejoice and celebrate life.


  1. 1. Phase 2 Face (Original Radio Edit) (03:04)
  2. 2. Then, Still & Always Will (Live Radio Edit) (03:50)
  3. 3. Phase 2 Face (Original Mix) (05:59)
  4. 4. Phase 2 Face (Club Mix) (06:03)
  5. 5. Then, Still & Always Will (Live Edit) (06:47)
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