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Adham Ashraf & Manny Suarez - Mind Seduction

January 10, 2011
Egyptian producer Adham Ashraf and sound creator Manny Suarez, hailing from sunshine state Florida, know what does the trick to special sounding tunes. The guys met up in the studio to deliver their first collaboration, 'Mind Seduction'. 'Mind Seduction' lives up to its name and seduces you with a perfect balancing act of housy influences. Synths, deep basslines and an essential, strong vocal-line make 'Mind Seduction' a must-hear track at peak time club moments. Swedish chef StoneBridge didn't only release 'Mind Seduction' on his very own label Stoney Boy Music but also spent some hours reworking the track. His remix stays quite close to the original version but goes off the hook with a different approach of atmosphere. Seductive indeed!


  1. 0. Mind Seduction (StoneBridge Re-Edit) (05:49)
  2. 0. Mind Seduction (Dub Mix) (06:49)
  3. 0. Mind Seduction (Original Mix) (07:04)
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