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Absolute - Winter Time / Sky High

October 06, 2008
If there's one producer suffering from identity problems, it's got to be M.I.K.E. This belgian masterproducer has over 60 aliases and Absolute is one of them. The powerfull trancers produced under this guise have been welcomed to the scene from the very beginning and are still going strong nowadays. Just a few months ago, the album 'Absolute - Horizon' was brought out, which contained some old and new productions. As if the guy isn't busy enough yet, he's now releasing both 'Skyhigh' and 'Winter Time', with 'Skyhigh' being a pure trancer in all its forms. It's uplifting, emotional and highly addictive. 'Winter Time', on the other hand, has more proggy and dramatic effects. Fact is, both of these jewels deserve their airplay and will absolutely get your liking. M.I.K.E. definately proves that an identiticrisis does have its plusses.DJ SUPPORT:Armin van Buuren: Great stuff, playing!Andy Moor: nice 2 track ep, supporting


  1. 0. Skyhigh (Original Mix) (07:13)
  2. 0. Winter Time (Album Time) (06:44)
  3. 0. Winter Time (Club Flow Remix) (07:03)
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