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Aaron Camz - Aqwa E.P.

April 16, 2012
Over the past two years, one of Markus Schulz's go-to guys to provide fresh impetus to his Global DJ Broadcast radio show and livesets has been Melbourne's Aaron Camz. He became a big favorite last year thanks to Prague '11 feature Room to Breathe. And with impressive remixes of Mike Foyle's classic Space Guitar for the Coldharbour 100 celebrations, followed by Grube & Hovsepian's Invisible, he is back in focus with a full E.P. on offer. As a new year heralded the latest chapter of the city compilation series, Los Angeles '12, Aaron was in the spotlight once again. Planted in the middle of disc 2, Aqwa is primed for those peak-time moments, with a tough and uncompromising lead that will blister soundsytems in the clubs. Upon the release of the compilation, Aqwa has been one of the most requested tracks in Markus' livesets, and with a tried and tested sound, it will see Aaron's name spread to the playlists of many. Along with Aqwa, Aaron also presents two strong offerings. Buckle Up, with two versions to compliment contrasting ends to the Coldharbourspectrum, has been a recent highlight on Global DJ Broadcast. And Camshaft, which was used infamously in mashup fashion along with the Chemical Brothers' Hey Boy, Hey Girl last summer, receives a long-awaited release. With his DJ schedule increasing across Australia, it's only a matter of time before Aaron amz spreads his wings across the globe. And with Aqwa leading the way, his movement will only accelerate.


  1. 1. Aqwa (Original Mix) (07:44)
  2. 2. Buckle Up (Original Mix) (07:55)
  3. 3. Buckle Up (Deep Mix) (08:03)
  4. 4. Camshaft (Original Mix) (07:46)
  5. 5. Aqwa (Radio Edit) (04:11)
  6. 6. Buckle Up (Radio Edit) (04:26)
  7. 7. Buckle Up (Deep Radio Edit) (04:21)
  8. 8. Camshaft (Radio Edit) (04:28)
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