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A.R.D.I. - The Ultimate Destination

September 02, 2013
Those how say that trance is dead, will surely be blown away by the latest A State of Trance release. Polish producer A.R.D.I. brings the heavily supported E.P. of 'The Ultimate Destination', a real future classic. He didn't only impress the crowds with his 'Beyond The Time' and 'Mystery', but also won the support of label boss Armin van Buuren. A favourite in the ASOT shows, and a more than welcome tune to its label, is 'The Ultimate Destination'. Trance surely is alive and kicking, and this one makes you feel it.


  1. 1. The Ultimate Destination (Original Mix) (06:50)
  2. 2. The Ultimate Destination (Radio Edit) (03:36)
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