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8 Wonders - The Liftoff / Unwritten / Everything's Been Written

June 29, 2009
Regardless of the success he has under his Arnej alias, Canadian sound-shaper Arnej Secerkadic returns with another EP under his 8 Wonders alias. As he knows, good things always come in three, he brings us three new follow-ups to his previous EP's 'The Return', 'Eventuality', 'People Don't Change' and several other trancy fueled dancefloor destroyers.We start off with a firm techy sound in 'The Liftoff', where the phat bass rules and shattering trance-violence unfolds into a laser-kissing soundwave. 'The Liftoff' has big room written all over. 'Unwritten' on the other hand, sticks to the more gentle side of things, with an upbeat progressive build-up, a scorching synth and a lighter break. 'Everything's Been Written', last but definitely not least, is a balance between these two. An epic melody, pleasurable details and synthy suprises define the track, making it a perfect ender to any trance party. 8 Wonders has done it again.


  1. 0. The Liftoff (Original Mix) (08:010)
  2. 0. Everything's Been Written (Original Mix) (06:58)
  3. 0. Unwritten (Original Mix) (06:57)
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