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3rd Moon - Monsun

July 13, 2009
The Polish trance force unites. On one side, we've got the guy worldly known as Nitrous Oxide, on the other side Cell X. Nitrous Oxide, known for his 'North Pole', 'Amnesia' and 'Magenta' decided it was time to team up with a fellow uplifting-trance lover. Cell X, one of Poland's many producer talents, couldn't have had a better kick-off for his career. Guising under '3rd Moon', the guys bring us 'Monsun' , which was already featured on Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance 2009 compilation. As the last track on the second cd, 'Monsun' works itself up to an uplifting trance anthem all the way. Trancy bangs and kicks, a warm melody that kicks in by surprise, tiny elements chuck load of emotions and the ever-going bass to keep you in line. 'Monsun' is big-room, yet set to hit the individual with an emotional breakdown.


  1. 0. Monsun (Original Mix) (08:30)
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