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2 Faced Funks - Arabia

June 25, 2012
Well on their way of become EDM's most sought after mystery duo, Dutchies 2 Faced Funks present the second single of their upcoming album. 'Arabia' is the energy-driven houser that's ready to rumble the clubs. Their debut single 'Episode' and its vocal version 'Life Is A Casino' vs. Jay Colin are still doing their rounds in the club, but the next weapon of choice is all ready to be doing some more damage. 'Arabia' has that typical Arabian night melody, whirled up with growling beats, electric shocks and a catchy and typical 2 Faced Funks melody. Absolutely maddening!


  1. 1. Arabia (Original Mix) (06:15)
  2. 2. Arabia (Radio Edit) (03:09)
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