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Dabruck & Klein - 2:48AM

November 07, 2011
Anyone that has witnessed a Dabruck & Klein party knows that the 2:48 AM moment is the absolute boiling point. That highlight moment now gets its official anthem! German DJ and producer duo Dabruck & Klein seem to have the formula to dance floor madness. With their '2:48 AM' debut album, released in early 2011, the guys celebrated their over 10 years of collaborating, defining and creating maddening music. After singles 'I've Got My Pride (Hold My Head High)', 'Heartbeat', 'The Flavor', 'Freak' and countless brilliant remixes on the 'Hands On Armada Volume 2' album, Dabruck & Klein return to their labour of love: '2:48 AM'. Eerie, gentle piano notes, a melody that crawls under your skin and the deafening beat of a future prog-house classic, that's what takes over as soon as this new D&K single kicks in. Time to kill silence!


  1. 0. 2:48AM (Extended Mix) (06:45)
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