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16 Bit Lolitas - Out Warm / It Must Have Been The Aliens

September 10, 2012
No rest for the creative minds of 16 Bit Lolitas. The Amsterdam duo are hot off the release of their 'Süpermårkt' album, yet already come up with a new duo of prog-house finesse: 'Out Warm' and 'It Must Have Been The Aliens'. With several Top 10 Beatport positions for their 'Süpermårkt' jewels, Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock have definitely made a statement for 2012. The Dutch duo, owners of the Bits & Pieces label, got their hard disk full of new material, and they're going to make you feel it. On their new E.P., 16 Bit Lolitas do what they do best: warm you up by walking the fine line of prog, house and deep, sturdy sounds. Enjoy the rich sounds of 'Out Warm' & 'It Must Have Been The Aliens'.


  1. 1. Out Warm (Original Mix) (06:36)
  2. 2. It Must Have Been The Aliens (Original Mix) (06:59)
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