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16 Bit Lolitas - Chant A Tune / Deep Space Girls

May 20, 2013
The sounds of the latest album of 16 Bit Lolitas making, the magnificent 'Warung Brazil 2012', still scorch the floors today. The magnificent 'Deep Space Girls' and 'Chant A Tune' now see two new interpretations come to life, translated by talents Jeremy Olander and DAVI. Swift and smoothly, the sounds of 'Chant A Tune' rush in. Remixed by Swedish talent and Prydz protégé Jeremy Olander, its rapturous melody will get you, again and again. Sparkling, deep and absolutely warming. Los Angeles based producer DAVI is no stranger to the 16 Bit Lolitas sound. Having remixed their '6 O'Clock' and 'Calling New York', it was a safe choice to invite him for the beats of 'Deep Space Girls'. Never lacking originality, his taste of prog spreads across the soundscapes of 'Deep Space Girls' with confidence.


  1. 1. Chant A Tune (Jeremy Olander Remix) (07:02)
  2. 2. Deep Space Girls (DAVI Remix) (08:28)
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