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The tough, uplifting and energetic sound of Michael Woods has now been encapsulated in an essential imprint for the rising producer set to channel the future of UK House Music. The sound is large, the talent explosive and Diffused Music stands no chance of being disarmed.

2009 saw Woods establish his crucial imprint in a bid to bring the underground talent around him to the well-deserved attention of the world, whilst giving bigger artists an independent platform to release their tracks. Whether gratifying the 5,000 strong crowds of Amnesia, Ibiza or stirring the home crowds at his celebrated residency at Ministry of Sound, Woods ear for fresh talent is undeniable and through Diffused Music, the essential underground ethos has been developed into one of the most crucial and relevant imprints for global Dance music and its’ exciting future.

Woods promises that 2011 will be the year that Diffused gives fresh and upcoming artists the recognition that they deserve, cutting to the core of the underground to bring clubbers and fanatics alike a first-hand experience of Michael’s signature clubbing experience. Those seeking the epic Progressive vibes and Tech–driven treasures of Wood’s work need look no further: the epic sound has finally found an affluent home that will nurture this radical noise for years to come.

Bringing tough, uplifting and energetic music to the table with a compassionate approach to the business, Diffused will lead the way for British House music with an arsenal of incredible new talent, a distinct and heartfelt ethos and one of the UK’s most prominent House producers at the helm.
Diffused encapsulates the diverse vibes and unique energy of Woods’s tough and uplifting sound, providing a significant landmark not only for the thriving UK producer, but the next generation of House talent that ‘Diffused’ will cherish.

The ‘Diffused Music experience’ promises all the thrills and great ‘hands-in-the-air’ tracks that you would expect from Woods whilst pitching his idea of elegant but epic music to the masses for 2011.
This is the dynamic force that clubs worldwide are raring for and Diffused Music is ready to raise the bar for House music to an all-time high with explosive force, undeniable talent and tough, uplifting music.

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