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41 releases

This is exactly what you get when you listen to Sebastien. His productions speak volumes.
They bear a one-of-a-kind signature. His music – guided by emotions, yet underlined with
technical excellence. This is how the „scene“ would describe him: a producer with attention
to detail.

His productions resemble a perfectly matched 5 star menu of the Melodic Deep House
Culture, in which every instrument and every vocal are perfectly blended together.
It is this very passionate love for perfection that makes Sebastian stand out. This pleasant
northern German’s lad's remix productions of Moby, twoloud or Röyksopp show only a tiny
part of his artful producer skills for his very own productions are played and supported by
the DJ elite, too. All those who like to relax and dream away should definitely see his
performances. They will enjoy a delightful mix of rolling beats paired with emotional
melodies taking you to another world.

It is not just a DJ set you will listen to - you will actually „take in“ Sebastien! Go for it!

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