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Nicolas Haelg

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Nicolas Haelg is a true pioneer of sound, creating his own musical cosmos of energetic, melodic and dreamy productions.

His passion and talent for all things music run through the life of this multi-instrumentalist like a red thread. At 15 years of age, he had already completed six years of piano education and taught himself how to play the guitar. Naturally, the next step for the teenager was to test the waters of music productions with his first own digital audio workstation, which he had traded in for a coupon.

With an initial focus on broken beats, Nicolas soon developed an expertise in sampling that he later transferred into electronic music with ease. What has stayed the same however, is his determination to get the best out of every single one of his productions. Ambition, determination and a likeable, cosmopolitan personality make Nicolas into an authentic artist with great love for detail.

This has not gone unnoticed and his first releases have received considerable attention and acclaim. Nicolas’ tracks, remixes and podcasts continue to reach an ever-growing audience of millions on several channels. In 2015, Nicolas has already released tracks on labels like “The Bearded Man” from Holland and “Crosswalk” from France, in addition to several smaller releases.

His current single “Something Good” (ULTRA/ARMADA) has been released in the summer of 2015 and has been crowned “Essential Tune” by Pete Tong in his legendary BBC Radio 1 show. Additionally, the track “Seduction Magnet” will also come out in 2015, on one of the largest Indie Dance Labels.

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