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Born in 1991 in Beijing, China, JunLiang Fan has in recent years firmly established himself as the frontrunner of trance music in China’s electronic music landscape. He was the first and only Chinese trance artist to have performed both at China’s premiere Transmission Festival, Ultra Music Festival and EDC, electrifying Chinese fans with a modern wave of trance and growing both his and the genre’s music’s fanbase even further. Since then, he has been invited to play for tens of thousands of fans across China at many of its biggest electronic music festivals including Electric Jungle Music Festival, ISY Music Festival and Dreamland Festival.

Despite his young age, he was the first electronic music artist in China to receive the GFA (Golden Flower Award), an accolade awarded for artistic achievement from one of China’s most prestigious arts, film & culture awards ceremonies. Deeply passionate and dedicated to the promotion of trance music, he represents the ‘Trance Family China’ brand as its brand ambassador and co-manages all its social media accounts. Sharing the stage with many of the world’s most prominent electronic music artists, he had his first opportunity to meet with his musical inspiration Armin van Buuren in early 2018, an emotional moment he vividly recounts as one that left him deeply inspired and further motivated him to pursue his dream.

Leading the way for China’s trance music culture, he’s been hard at work crafting a new brand to showcase all his unreleased music, visuals and live performance elements. In mid-2018, he premiered the culmination of all his preparation – LUMINN. LUMINN plays off the latin word ‘Lumen’, representing a measurement of light, a concept that embodies light in every element of his performance. Through the innovative unity of visuals, SFX and music representing the abundance and lack of light, LUMINN aims to take electronic music fans on an unprecedented journey into his world.

His first release “Phosphene” premiers on the acclaimed A State of Trance label on November 23 of 2018. Armed with strong melodies, thumping kick-bass combos and a serene, pluck-driven breakdown, “Phosphene” represents a shimmer of light in the darkest of days.

With trance at its core, LUMINN empowers and inspires emotions represented by a full spectrum of light. His music blends psychedelic Psy-Trance, Tech-Trance and Uplifting Trance. Combined with the work of some of electronic music’s best visual & production teams, fans are guaranteed an exhilarating live performance like no other.

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