Making a name for himself by taking control of various social media accounts of record labels, media outlets, artists, and venues, i_o has used the world’s dependency on technology to his advantage. He is seemingly everywhere at once. Releasing prolifically on deadmau5’s label Mau5trap, with sporadic releases on boutique labels like Bite This and InHarmony, i_o has taken over the underground scene in its entirety.

Taking control of internet media is one thing, but i_o lives by the ethos “everything can be hacked.” He captivates audiences with relentless sets that grip and don’t let go, bridging a gap in dance music that had once been deemed impossible, flowing effortlessly between main stage festival slots and late night/early morning warehouse venues. From filling the 30,000 person floor of Circuit Grounds in the opening minutes at EDC Las Vegas to throwing the underground warehouse event ACID RAVE, where lines wrapped blocks in downtown Los Angeles, i_o has proven that he is the newcomer no one was expecting. He’s joined the Armada family for 2021, with promises of releasing dance smashes on the label. He will also off the year with his own imprint, Label 444, where his hard underground sound will reside.