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#boy kiss girl

Boy Kiss Girl

26 releases
Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough to keep the tunes from finding their way straight to your heart. Wherever, whenever. BOY KISS GIRL is the pure passion for making and playing House music. Desire. Simplicity. Love. Let your feet follow your heart. Close your eyes and the rain will sound like applause - dance, dance, dance...

BOY KISS GIRL is less a project more a vision. Captured with a name so pure and innocent, like the dreams behind the melodies. Brought to life by a shy behind-the-scenes-genius who has masterminded chart topping singles and albums around the globe, with a discography that extends into the 100’s. BKG has been surrounded by an array of diverse cultural influences and is inspired by unique and happy sounds from everywhere and anywhere. Always present within was the dream of diversifying the style and melting the best into one without limitation. Now the dream becomes reality assuming its form with the creation of – BOY KISS GIRL.

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