“Though it gives me the confidence to take on the world, the mask isn’t there to hide who I am. It’s to highlight the deeper meaning behind the music, and to remind us of all the wonder beneath the surface.” – AVIAN GRAYS

With AVIAN GRAYS, what you see is what you get: playful and colorful, loyal and approachable, open-minded and confident. Backed by two of dance music’s finest producers, she is one of the most exciting new artists to watch. Her breakout hit, a collab with Armin van Buuren and Jordan Shaw titled ‘Something Real’, achieved airwave triumph in the Netherlands and clocked up over 35 million streams on Spotify.

Additionally, the Armada Music starlet bumped fists with Bruno Martini on ‘Save Me’, remixed tracks from leading acts such as Loud Luxury, Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren, and saw her music championed by many of dance music’s hottest names. Her music is melodious and positive, filled with energy and vocals that hit home like no other. With the mask or without, that’s all you need to recognize an AVIAN GRAYS song by.