Armada Record Box

Armada Record Box is a new pillar within Armada Music.⁠ Home to the deeper, cutting-edge-tinged labels (Armada Deep, Armada Subjekt, Armada Electronic Elements, DAYSlikeNIGHTS, KMS, Ontourage, DanceNRG, Subliminal, Sondos, Subusa, Subliminal Soul, Africanism).⁠

Armada Record Box unites the (social) channels of Armada Deep, Armada Subjekt and Armada Electronic Elements so that all under-the-radar goodness can be found in one place!⁠

Expect amazing, newly developed content items on Armada Record Box varying from radio shows, DJ mixes to snippets of upcoming releases and highlights from artists like: Low Steppa, Tensnake, Shadow Child, Mambo Brothers, Francisco Allendes, Eli Brown, Charlotte de Witte, Eelke Kleijn, Erick Morillo, OFFAIAH, Jan Blomqvist, Steve Lawler, Maxim Lany, Tensnake, Eli & Fur, Kidnap, AVIRA, Stereoclip, Pablo Nouvelle, MistaJam, Kevin Saunderson, Inner City, Nico Morano, Frederico Gardenghi, Robosonic, ATFC, Ferreck Dawn.

Each and every month, the Armada Record Box digs up a treasure chest of upcoming under the radar releases to help you set the mood. Do you want to listen to this month's releases? Check the Armada Record Box – May 2020 Mix below. Including Harry Romero, Maxim Lany, Stereoclip & many more.

Make sure to check out some of our hottest tracks right now.

Charlotte de Witte’s remix of ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ is a timeless classic turned contemporary crowd favorite. Turning Jerome Isma-Ae’s spin on The O.T. Quartet’s 1994 original into a nostalgia-infused floor-thriller, the Belgian-born Techno starlet does what she does best: crafting up records for the sole purpose of dance floor domination.

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Full-throttle underground madness from the hands of Eli Brown, ‘Desire’ is what peak-time dance floor appeal is all about. With edgy chord progressions and seductive vocals to counter the heavy beats and pulsating bass, this track is engineered to fire up the crowd big time.

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