Merk & Kremont and Lush & Simon – The Sound Of Trice out now!

April 11th, 2014

Two mixes – each one showcasing the very best of Trice from the exceptional artists that make the label possible.  Trice has, since its inception, been about bringing the freshest new sounds to the world and following the brightest stars on their rise to the top.  The combination of Merk & Kremont and Lush & Simon for this compilation is a fitting choice for the imprint, and there are few people in the scene with brighter futures than these gentlemen.

In a remarkably short period of time, Merk & Kremont went from unknown producers to being on the radar of virtually every major dance label and DJ in the world.  A series of successful bootlegs and releases brought the Italian producers to global attention, quickly gaining them support from Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo Records, Spinnin’ Records, and of course, Trice Recordings. Their sound has been described as fresh and unique, relying on inventive drops and original sound design to set them apart from the rest of the crowd.  The formula is working, and their impeccable taste for winners is evident in their mix, which is laden with an impressive amount of their original creations.

The second set is expertly blended by Lush & Simon, another duo of immeasurable talent and skill.  2013 was a major turning point in their career, and their hard work came to fruition in the form of support from Tiësto, Hardwell, David Guetta, Avicii, Axwell, and seemingly every other A-List jock.  Their own sound is energetic, uplifting, fun, and highly credible, with a flair for the unexpected.  Here we see them doing what they do best — blending intense bass, club-ready beats and of course, their trademark melodic taste, to create a fusion with truly broad appeal.

With names like Vicetone, Dyro, Kryder, Thomas Newson, Audien, Nom De Strip, and many more, the quality and epicness of this compilation can’t be denied. The spotless mixing of both discs feels like a steady train towards the top, and in many ways, that’s exactly what it is.  2014 will certainly be the best year yet for both of these talented artists, and ‘The Sound of Trice’ is a line in the sand for any would-be challengers.

Out April 11th, pre-order now!


Disc 1:

  1. Merk & Kremont - Zunami (03:33)
  2. Denzal Park feat. Eyelar - Look Back (03:08)
  3. Bass King vs X-Vertigo feat. MMX - Dusk (03:54)
  4. Martin Volt & Quentin State feat. Jonny Rose - Ruins (03:12)
  5. Nom De Strip - Techno Saturday (03:37)
  6. Paul Oakenfold feat. J Hart - Touched By You (Mike Hawkins Remix) (03:33)
  7. Vicetone feat. Daniel Gidlund - Chasing Time (03:23)
  8. Promise Land feat. Alicia Madison - Sun Shine Down (Merk & Kremont Remix) (03:16)
  9. Jochen Miller - Cheer Up! (Club Mix) (03:39)
  10. Merk & Kremont - Gear (03:41)
  11. Audien feat. Ruby Prophet - Circles (03:07)
  12. Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman feat. Anna Yvette - Silver Sun (03:20)
  13. Paris & Simo, Merk & Kremont - Tundra (03:40)
  14. John Christian - Gunshot (03:36)
  15. Amersy - Mastodon (03:30)
  16. Merk & Kremont - The Sound Of Trice (Full Continuous Mix) (57:42)

Disc 2:

  1. Lush & Simon - Adrenaline (03:54)
  2. Dohr & Mangold vs Jonathan Mendelsohn - Hurricane (03:09)
  3. Project 46 feat. Matthew Steeper - No One (03:53)
  4. Vicetone feat. Daniel Gidlund - Chasing Time (05:53)
  5. Lush & Simon - City Of Lights (03:59)
  6. Daleri feat. Vice - Somebody Told Me (En Route) (03:05)
  7. Lush & Simon feat. Rico & Miella - Drag Me To The Ground (03:41)
  8. Dyro - Leprechauns & Unicorns (04:06)
  9. Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros feat. Jay Colin - This Is How We Roll (Toby Green Remix) (03:38)
  10. Kryder - Pyrmd (02:33)
  11. Enzo Darren - Nola (03:30)
  12. Thomas Newson - Pallaroid (03:37)
  13. 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights - Escape (Flatdisk Remix) (03:41)
  14. Lush & Simon - The Sound Of Trice (Full Continuous Mix) (59:21)