Miami Trice 2014 out now!

March 20th, 2014

If you want a quiet, relaxing night at home with a glass of wine, then look elsewhere.  This compilation is Miami as Trice sees it, and it’s strictly for people who want to party, and party HARD.

Addictive is the name of the game with the ridiculously infectious bass line in Paniek’s ‘Battery’.

‘Quartz’ by Merzo is pure big-room bliss – exactly what you need in a peak hour set.

Bass King vs X-Vertigo feat. MMX – Dusk (Duher Remix) is a hooky, emotional remix of MMX’s daring vocals that captures all the energy and beauty of Miami at sunset.

One listen to Christian Ferraro’s voice in ‘I Believe’ (produced by Carl Nunes), and you’ll believe too!

Take Joonas Hahmo’s ‘Boeing’ to a tropical climate with rhythmic main stage house.

Paul Mayson & Jasper Dietze bring the heat from down under, with the sax infused ‘Outback’.

When the mood calls for anthemic chords and melodies, call on Caolan Lavelle, reminding us all that ‘We’re No Angels’.

Who better to bring the revolutionary ‘Greece 2000’ from Three Drives into the modern age than trance champ Ashley Wallbridge?

The barely contained aggression from Kazzo’s latest creation is the perfect ‘Jump Start’ to any epic evening!

‘Starfish Island’ becomes reality with the hands-in-the air trance sensation provided by GTA’s own Sonny Forrelli.