Christian Burns: music is great therapy

October 2nd, 2013

On October 25, it’s time for one of the most recognized voices in electronic music to step up his game. From that day on, Christian Burns is no longer a featuring. The UK singer/songwriter proudly presents ‘Simple Modern Answers’, his debut album as a solo artist. With 18 future classics, Christian has plenty of stories to tell…

Hey Christian! Only a while to go until ‘Simple Modern Answers’ will be out! What’s going through your mind right now?
Christian:”Wow, I know right? It’s been a long time coming but I am so excited to finally be able to share this record with the world! And to be honest, I am that busy in the studio, doing press and traveling that I don’t think it’s quite sunk in! It’s a great feeling though, I can’t wait for the release!”

You’ve released 2 albums with BBMak , and sold over 3 million copies of them. Now, 10 years later, you’re ready for your own solo album! What lessons of your BBMak time did you take with you?
Christian:”Well I guess I learnt a lot of stuff from being part of BBMak, from experience performing to learning how to craft a song, how to use operate a professional studio, how to keep interviews interesting by not waffling…. am I waffling? Yes, amazing times in BBMak that has definitely helped me on all aspects of creating my debut solo record ‘Simple Modern Answers’.”

Now, you’re here going solo! Frightening, strengthening, about time?
Christian:”It’s a mixture of feelings, excitement, curiosity, accomplishment, and of course a little frightening. It’s good to do some things that frighten you a little in life, it’s what keeps you feeling alive! Yes, very proud of this record and yes IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!”

Simple Modern Answers. What’s the meaning behind its title?
Christian:”Well, each song on the record is actually an answer to something I once asked, a thought, a moment in time, a situation I experienced. It’s great therapy to be able to express yourself through the art of music.”

When was the moment you thought: ‘ok, it’s finished now’? Or is that time never?
Christian:”Erm… I could have gone on forever, I find it hard to say ‘that’s it!’ There are always a raft of new ideas flowing into my brain, every time I hear a song from the record I have new ideas for it! But I realise you can’t keep tweaking songs forever!! It just felt right once I had the Paul van Dyk track back from him mixed, I said ok. LET’s GO!”

Is there a particular track you’re most proud of? One that stands out for you?
Christian:”It’s hard for me to say my faves as I love them all! I guess ‘Then There Were None’ with Conjure One is a special track for me, it was one of the last tracks I wrote in LA for the record and after that song was written everything seemed to slot into place,  there was actual magic in the studio when that one was created.”

On the album, you’ve worked with the big stars but also with the young, rising talents. Which one’s the bigger challenge?
Christian:”It’s amazing getting to write and work with all these huge names but it’s also really exciting to get the chance to work with and discover new up and coming talent, there is lots out there. If I am totally honest, none is a bigger challenge than the other on a creative level. It’s all about the unicorns.“

Since you’re working with so many different artists, is it hard to make sure it’s still YOUR sound?
Christian:”Well, to be honest this was something at the start of the record I did give some thought to, there are a lot of different types of tracks on the record so I was concerned at the start but now that it’s all finished and I sit and listen, I think I managed to pull it off. With my voice as the common thread throughout all the tracks it’s acted like a glue and connected all the songs together as one body of music. Phewwww.”

One of them is Paul van Dyk, with whom you did the official anthem of the We Are One Festival in Berlin. That must have been quite an honour?!
Christian:”Yes, it was amazing getting to do a track with Paul on the record, and of course when he asked me to go to Berlin to perform with him I was a happy man. Great show, great crowd and lovely city!”

Now the questions lots of fans have been wanting to ask: will you be doing an album tour once it’s been released and where can we catch you performing?
Christian:”Yeah, check for an up to date tour schedule, here are some shows I’ve  got coming up around the album launch.  Amsterdam at ADE on 17th Oct, Novosibirsk – RU 25th Oct, Novorossiysk – RU 26th Oct, Minsk – Belarus 2nd Nov.”

Simple Modern Answers is available October 25th. Pre-order now from iTunes.